Hi there!! I’m Meghan, one of the founders of Maslowe Academic Zone. I have five years of experience teaching middle school English at American Heritage School in Delray. During my years of teaching I was also an advisor for Student Government and Kind Campaign. Additionally, I have extensive experience tutoring within a variety of subjects and executive functioning skills. I am passionate about working with kids, and love to see them gain independence and insight into their own education. My belief is that all students are different, but that each one can be successful if they have the right tools and environment.

Kat Maslowe

Hi!! I’m Kat Maslowe.  As one of the co-founders I’m delighted to welcome you to MAZ. I’m an educator at heart having taught middle school math at Bak Middle School of the Arts and also a licensed Clinical Psychologist trained in working with kids of all academic abilities.  I am an advocate of supporting student academic success and for many years of my career have mentored teachers and parents, attended IEP/504 meetings, conducted psychological and psychoeducational, and provided therapy to struggling students and their parents.  I’m delighted to return to one of my most passionate areas, working side by side with students in their academic journey.  My belief is that with support, tools, and patience our adolescents can blossom and “learn how to learn”.

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change.”
Carl Rogers, Ph.D.